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The suspect traffic accident deaths caused by the escape 18 year

Reporter Cai Xuewei correspondent Wang Jinbiao scala Xianyou County Linan Town Lee late on August 6, 1995, driving a bus in Guangdong Province Jiedong County jade cellar in the town of Rao Village Road and Xie a driving car collision occurs, causing Xie Mou to die on the spot, and three passengers were injured to varying degrees, after Lee abandoned car the police then fled, having caught with a net, and informed the Xianyou police.
Police in Xianyou to carry out "three visits to three rated" deepen the "visit", organizes the police have made several trips to visit Li moujia in access, urged the surrendered herself to the police for leniency.
The police should move,Louboutin, under the influence, to 18 years of Lee, finally recently active surrendered herself to the police.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment | micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot suspects to identify the scene.
Photograph / Lu Xueqiong "your sister died, you come and have a look."February 17th morning,Louboutin Shoes, he min (a pseudonym) received brother-in-law Li Jia (a pseudonym) telephone.I heard my sister is hanged died at home, sad He Min generated suspicion and alarm.
Sure enough, the police investigation and grasped the murder suspect -- the victim's husband Li Jia.His wife died not clear "your sister died, you come and have a look."February 17, 2012 morning, lives in Xinle some village He Min after brother-in-law Li Jia call, immediately rushed to the sister.
"My sister is gonna die?"Despite seeing his sister's body cold, but He Min was unable to accept the cruel reality.Li Jia told his wife he min,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Xiu (a pseudonym) while he was asleep when the hanging Dutch act, "I saw it, she was already dead".
After a good cry, He Min felt his sister died in suspicious circumstances.The sister is not in good health, but never revealed the suicide, how can just over the years suddenly Dutch act?Moreover, brother Li Jia and sister lived under the same roof, no sister found hanged, this irrational.
Then He Min called the police, "my sister this morning, suddenly died, my brother-in-law is sister hanged himself to Dutch act, I think that it is impossible."The police investigation that he killed Li Jia to tell the police, his wife A Xiu was at 5 in the morning in his own kind on died by hanging, he was in bed, what all don't know.
But after the scene investigation, the police think, Xiu neck traces left by the conventional hanging with the traces left by the inconsistent,louboutin, hanging doors also did not leave any traces, even the kind of hanging part of the dust are not grazed.
Police concluded, Xiu is not hanged Dutch act,louboutin pas cher, is likely to be killed.At this time, insisted that the wife is a Dutch act of Li Jia is considered a major crime suspects.Her husband abandoned sick wife him after an interrogation, the suspect Li Jia finally confessed his crime.
February 17, 2012 morning 3 when make, Li Jia nylon rope Xiu's neck, strangles to death after it has made the wife hanged Dutch act illusion, in order to avoid the legal punishment of crime.Originally, a few years ago the show due to haemorrhage do craniotomy operation, the life cannot provide for oneself, caused the dissatisfaction with Li Jia, and thus caused some conflict in the family.
For a long time, Li Jia Xiu heart mind, so as to get rid of his wife, you can get rid of cumbersome.At present, the suspect Li Jia has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed.
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The weather bureau staff write for Kids Science Popularization o

Jiang Yongyu for kids to write fairy tale character sketch of Jiang Yongyu 40 years,Hanyuan ,Sichuan Province Meteorological Bureau staff ,specialized graduation ,the literary character language life is an unpredictable travel ,important is not result of travel ,but the process .
,only unexpected . I only make a bit achievement ,can let the mother and daughter there .His occupation and hobbies combination ,fiction -- in the form of a story of popularizing meteorological knowledge .
He is the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological Bureau office staff ,specialized graduation ,like writing .He started from 1997 published literature,news ,science and other kinds of works of more than two million words .
He said that life is an unpredictable travel ,important is not result of travel ,but the process .He used the pen in the hand ,to their own professional words dribs and drabs recorded ...
... He is -- at the age of 40 YongyuHanyuan ,ginger .Original creation -- deeply shocked after the earthquake, to give children more disaster prevention knowledge . Tangseng hard from the sky to retrieve the canon ,being derived from the Arctic polar demons stole ,forest the epidemic of the plague .
In order to find the true classics ,tiger ,monkey big toot ,embark on the journey ,and natural disasters to fight various demons and ghosts ... ... This is Jiang Yongyu has just published a book, tiger Dudu magic adventure tells the story of .
In the book, the tiger toot encounter tornadoes, hail ,typhoon ,fog and other 10meteorological disaster,is no longer preach stiffly ,but a thrilling story .In the book, different meteorological disasters and other interesting name : the long arm of blame ,fire-breathing dragon ,white-haired old magic .
.. ... This book is specially written for the children to watch .Jiang Yongyu of 40 years old ,the ornamental and the combined plain properties ,looks smaller than the actual age of many .
Mention of original creation ,Jiang Yongyu said ,the 2008 earthquake gave him great shock .He felt the child is in need of disaster prevention knowledge ,what form that allows children to better accept these ?Then this set in comic stories ,a total of 10 sets ofbooks out .
,only unexpected .Said Jiang Yongyu ,writing this story, he has been repeatedly thinking and pondering ,sometimes to head ache .The creative motivation -- love love finished each part ,daughter urged quick writing to hurry to see of the book in less than a month is finished ,the main is the daughter of hurried .
Mention your 13 year old daughterOncidium ,Jiang Yongyu immediately got up from the Office Bookcase take a photo album . My wife and daughter are in Ya like a child when the photos turn out to have a look .
Jiang Yongyu said ,daughter, I like to hear the story ,before a few years, his mind the story finished, only then own ,Louboutin Pas Cher,write their own stories to coax her daughter . However ,she looked down on me .
Jiang Yongyu smiled and said ,in the home ,wife and daughter likes to make fun of him ,louboutin,and wash ,her daughter said what you write, I can write .However ,the ginger Yongyu feel face ,tiger Dudu magic adventure story is the daughter of the most loving ,finished each part ,daughter is always the first reader ,she read, always push me, write quick fast write .
Jiang Yongyu also said ,read the second day daughter is father to write the book in school got paid to borrow a book ,a piece of money ,it is said that she has made dozens of pieces of pocket money .
On his hobby is writing is fun writing is a kind of fun, but also express the feelings of carrier .The two separated, except on weekends back in Ya ,Jiang Yongyu is usually a person during the day at work ,after work occasionally play basketball ,some run sports ,other time entirely to writing .
Family hope to accompany his wife and daughter as a result of the work reason ,Jiang Yongyu did not have more time to be with his wife and daughter ,he always be apologetic ,I only make a bit achievement ,can let the girls there .
Jiang Yongyu said ,when the manuscript publication immediately, when works ,this kind of happiness comes from within ,from the entire family .The works of more than two million characters of his works is life is a journey this perception of life ,as well as natural disasters and agricultural hedging ,popular science ,his occupation and hobbies combined, create more is the popular science books for children .
He has published literature ,journalism ,science and other kinds of works of more than two million words ,this year will also be published shock ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,Earth at the volcano ,8bookswaves of terror .
The morning reporter Lv Lanxi photography Huang Yao to share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot in the rental dormitory room, Han Peiyin told his son Han Shengli living expenses, Han Peiyin (right) and his comrades in the documentary father since work began in 2002 ,Shaanxi farmer Han Peiyin converge in a a palm-size notebook .
He write down different colors ,packed words :sometimes the memories of his father , six or seven children had to go through untold hardships ;sometimes a book to their own rental cottage for a poetic couplet ,wisdom can open and colorful flowers ,labor ,happy fruit .
Most of the time ,his text is addressed to his son Han Shengli .9 years ago, when victory in Xi University ,became whole village the first university student when ,the thin ,gentle son ,it became his biggest pride .
He believed the son soon take rise head and shoulders above others .Therefore ,in order to help his son up to university tuition fees and living expenses ,he sold the valuable things in the house ,and son came together in Xi ,at the age of 49, became a migrant workers .
An accidental opportunity ,director Li Junhu met the typical Chinese type father ,and his story into a 47 minutes longdocumentary .They said ,the name father documentary photograph taken by Han Peiyin as a simple ,sincere .
In 2009 the second session of the Hongkong Chinese Documentary Film Festival, it also won the best short film award .But in reality but the father does not have the same luck .When he graduated from University, as a father seems can finally cease to struggle sit down and enjoy the time, he was surprised to find that the university graduation ,son of monthly salary have no way is off before the debt -- son of income is even less than the old Han himself as migrant workers .
I now feel that the University also are useless ,is it right? ?Han Peiyin says .Once over his cheeks pride was gone ,the 58 year old farmer stared at the roof of the corner ,frowning ,haven said a word .
We all feel that the university must promise promising victory ,my son ,now you are on the university ... ... Rely on our own efforts ,Louboutin Shoes,study hard ,the future is bright .The book has little yellow ,black cover rolled up .
When Han Peiyin arrived in Xi ,buy this book .On top of his record number ,record borrow money to repay the debt accounts ,will write down some preparation and son about life content .
The content is mostly associated with dream .When he knew his son admitted to the provincial capital of University ,and chose the hot of communication engineering specialty ,the dream together with pride on the Shaanxi rural family .
We all feel that the university must have a good, promising .The old Han said .He does not know ,this year of 2002 ,the college launched fourth large-scale expansion, there are 3200000 students entering the University -- this is nearly three times before the enrollment expansion in 1998 .
He is proud of her son ,after all ,this is a village the first admitted to the University .Even those who almost impassable difficulties can his pride .At that time, Han Jiasi people living on the slopes of an earth house ,four acres of land to grow one family one year rations ,but no longer notice requirements of University six thousand or seven thousand yuan of tuition .
This lets just admitted to university, Han Shengli felt that the heart very contradictory .A few years later ,he still remembers clearly, home to sell all the food ,even the cattle are sold, but only put out 3000 yuan .
Otherwise, or go out to work .He said .But Han Peiyin stopped him . I will try every means to put the money enough .Said the father .Before long ,he with all possible relatives borrowing money from a friend, get out of his son .
When the son to university ,he is also in the bustling capital city to stay ,when the migrant workers .Farmer Han Peiyin lives just round the corner .Every day, he is no longer under labour ,but with other workers together, sitting on the curb ,held a job card ,and there is a need to find their own .
His work is different every day ,sometimes help building site luck sandy soil ,sometimes in the residents of the building to help people shop floor .Of course ,most of the time, he will spend all day waiting for ,but no one to find their own .
Even in the city have a hard ,pride is apparent throughout Han Peiyin .At the beginning of 2005, when Li Junhu came to Han Peiyin and other work places, he found ,other workers have low head from the camera ,but Han Peiyin laugh, not a disgraceful feeling .
My work is mainly for son to university .Han Peiyin raised his voice ,he wore a coat of arms ,face in the winter wind is red with the cold ,my son in petroleum institute school ,learning is a professional communication .
The father to be in the right and self-confident tone make several pass by people around them .Beside him ,a hoe and other jobs workers even hear eyes straight . I was only aware of a message ,which he is very proud of .
Lee Junhu later recalled .The Xi television director is planning to shoot a series of documentary about migrant workers .He gave a lot of examples, but some are too extreme ,some mere dull .
Until we find Han Peiyin ,he feels he has found a good story .The rural and his son in the bustling city .Most of the time ,his son will push the bike ,and father walk together in the village in the city of mean streets ,the father asked his son to pull ourselves ,learning materials are too expensive ,do not buy too much .
For South Korea Peiyin ,two-spot money is little luxury ,so he often goes to the school to see his son ,but rather on the roadside of in a few cents a call ,and live in the same city son say a few words .
Other times ,the culture ,love writing middle-aged people like sitting in the restaurant, drink their free tea watch TV ,or from the road to pick up some others lose newspaper ,about the affairs of state .
He with the lowest cost to maintain life ,optimistic ,but still proud .Li Junhu said ,because the son made his dignity .In the mountain home village, Han Peiyin is not a village cadre ,but no doubt is a status of able person .
He attended junior high school ,is the only one who can write Spring Festival couplets ,and the two quarreled ,he will come to help heal .And now ,he is the son of the village the first college .
All this brought his incomparable satisfaction .He will write these proud in that small notebook .In 2003February,Han Shengli entered the university after half a year, he wrote :the victory my son ,now you are on the University ,the university is also not a good university ,can you passed, some children are not admitted he wants to have a test in .
The school is not good or bad, but rely on their own efforts .Study hard ,the future is bright .Finally he wrote .To learn that a knowledgeable way ,cannot go back to cultivate land ,also like me can work hard today is for tomorrow return, if not for tomorrow return, could not have today ,this is a truth .
In the light of the future comes, Han Peiyin is able to endure a lot of things .His work is purely physical work .Sometimes ,he needs to swing arm with a shovel ,a sand shovel to the almost and himself almost high truck trailer ;sometimes ,he need to stand in the demolition of the ruins of a hammer ,a hammer to a house was broken into rubble slowly .
These let him back-breaking work ,can bring him everyday 50 yuan income .This is the son of tuition ,living expenses of the source of victory .In the evening ,he and 9 other workers also live in the village in the city of one house, bare red brick wall ,the room is a little big bed and floor of the same size .
10 people like this lying side by side with bricks covered above ,pillow ,but also be riotous with colour dusty quilt ,spend another night . The house money ,a month to stand down for twenty or thirty dollars .
Han Peiyin says .The money saved ,he left his son .But even this is not enough, he often needs to borrow money .The son went to school 4 years,relatives ,friends ,fellow, he almost every possible person asked .
Li Junhu in a documentary filmed a borrowing process .Han Peiyin walked into a fellow worker dormitory room, several people are crowding into the chase with going to bed ,the old Han he get up :my child have to pay tuition fees ,I did not make money ,can you lend me 30 dollars ?One could lie down young man scratched his head ,said :I have no money ,no money work yesterday .
You have a look who got the money? The number can be .Han Peiyin garrulous to saying, the key is her to ,no way .He did not wait for the answer ,that the young man had quickly into bed .
Chase with folks everyone with quilt covered head ,don look at him ,with him not to say a word . Too embarrassing .Lee Junhu later recalled .Han Peiyin continued to stand there with a face ,be at a loss what to do Shan Shan pipe .
That night, grinding several people ,he ends up with a fellow borrowed 10 yuan of money.The old South Korea took the crumpled banknotes ,immediately took out his that little black book ,in the blank space bring down .
Borrow also point ,also borrow some .He said while he wrote ,when I put the money back ,cross them .Yellow pages in a book ,those who be crossed off accounts ,is conspicuously interspersed in his life on the comprehension of text ,occupy a lot of space .
But he is still full of optimism for the .Sit on the big bed bed ,he turned to Li Junhu laughed out ,hope that his son was in the university to study hard . To learn a proficiency in a particular line ,make a of knowledge appearance .
His face worn and can pride expression ,can go back to cultivate land ,also like me can work here ,bear hardships .When he finally reached the son a month cost of living ,he will call and let his son ride .
There is a total of 200 ,a month is enough ?Said Han Peiyin, aside from his pocket for good two entire money .Thought, he put his left all the change into his hand :there is a total of 220 ,enough? Give me 200 is enough.
Han Shengli said, again to change back into his father hand .t spend much money, $four or five for a day ,louboutin pas cher,a month up to 150 ...... Han Peiyin said ,you are in school don poor, of course ,don too well .
With these words, the father and son sitting in the chase on the bed .Han Peiyin from a red plastic bag from home back to apple ,said to be your mother to take ,also ask son didn the English four levels, have to learn the courses .
Other times ,he would take out their little book, turn to write their own content ,to his son saying little inspirational words :today is for tomorrow return, if not for tomorrow return, could not have today ,this is a truth .
my son ,you have to pay twenty or thirty yuan every day .Read here ,Han Peiyin stopped ,turned to have a look son ,you think you this year more than 4000 tuition,accommodation of 800 ,coupled with the books, a year down is .
.. ... Stopped for a few seconds ,because is unclear ,and Han Peiyin turned again ,said: the first year you pay 7000 yuan,second years even the living expenses down ,eight thousand or nine thousand ,nearly ten thousand yuan !Three hundred and sixty-five days a year ,probably a count ,average of twenty or thirty dollars a day pay .
.. ... At his side ,Han Shengli always sits on the bed ,quiet and listens carefully, not a word .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment , relationresultPage up relationresult1 relationresult2
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Middle school students with mobile phone for total out of 21 Cam

Changyuanenacted six prohibitions ,seven no bureau of Education :school system did not record ,which is against the high school student management regulations of Henan daily news trainee reporter Zhao Qiang for students to bring mobile phone ,Henan the first middle school of Changyuan County out of more than 20 people .
The student said ,to strengthen management ,Changyuan in a published six prohibitions ,seven no ,violating the rules ,because the abolition of school .Students to bring mobile phone school events ,out of 21 peopleduring the lunch break in February 21st ,Changyuan in a reading high school small Liu in the dormitory with mobile phone calls his father to fee information ,has just finished, management dormitory when the teacher came in .
The next day ,Liu saw the campus bulletin posted punishment ,because the band mobile phone ,he was expelled from school . .Changyuan one in another parent Ms. Zhang says ,oneself on a high daughter because borrow student mobile phone ,also be expelled from school .
.Ms. Zhang says ,daughter dormitory room toilet is broken ,the toilet can only to the next .The evening after lights out ,daughter borrow roommate mobile phone do lighting ,also did not get out of bed, was the teacher found a light .
A day later, she received a written notice to retreat .The campus post two Changyuan students work on church and State Department ,above is to discipline students treatment decisions .Bulletin shows, there are 21 people due to violation of mobile phone ,six prohibitions ,to more students to immediately persuaded ,abolition of school .
Strict rules of eating instant noodles were found to be two times by persuaded Liu said ,the school has promulgated the six prohibitions ,seven are not allowed .Such as the prohibition of go-online ,prohibit ,ban ,forbid to cheat in the exam be concerned with love and romance ,with mobile phone fight abusive ban ,banning smoking and drinking ,Louboutin Outlet,in violation of any one of them ,namely cancelled school .
While the seven no includes no school dispensed outside of books ,with no basketball football ,not using MP3 ,MP4 and otherelectronic equipment ,will be deducted from the corresponding violation of credit ,credit chain to a certain extent will be persuaded .
However ,Louboutin Pas Cher,most of the students in Changyuan No.1 middle school are difficult to accept that ,because of the ,the students could have been persuaded of the possible . Do not eat snacks also in seven to .
According to Liu, last semester students for two times was found to eat instant noodles ,reach the points limit was persuaded .Respond to the student ,the guardian had signed the agreement ,the school has give repeated orders and injunctions Ms.
Zhang says ,in addition to a occupation technical high school ,there are 3 high schoolsin Changyuan .School conditions and teaching quality of the best is a private high school ,but now has been around the entrance examination time ,foreign students can .
While eleven of school and teaching quality have a good . Strict school management is good ,parents will support .But now the children did not learn ,is a ruined the future oh .Yesterday, Changyuan director of General Office of the Li Xuezhan to the Henan Commercial Daily reporters confirmed that the incident , system has more than half a year ,students and parents are in the agreement is signed, agreed to abide by the rules of the school .
Li Xuezhan said ,the school had many loopholes in management ,the new president takes office, strict discipline and teaching ,the aim is to strengthen management ,to avoid the students addicted to the internet .
Lee said the decision to dismiss Xuezhan ,because the school has repeatedly stressed on the system ,can the students ignore the school ,school has emphasized the half a year ,can only act by the rules .
Viewpoint school practices against high school student management regulations yesterday, Changyuan County Bureau of education a segment named deputy director told the Daily reporter ,oneself just learned that Naga Gakichi persuaded students with mobile phone .
A deputy director said ,according to the high school student management regulations ,the school that persuaded students is not as it should be, and the school six prohibitions system not in the County Bureau of education for the record .
It is understood ,in 2010 the Provincial Department of Education issued Henan Province ordinary high school student management regulations ( Trial) ,thirty-second ,in violation of school rules to students, schools should strengthen the education ,and give students the opportunity to correct mistakes .
The students make the expulsion ,the expulsion of punishment ,the school shall be reported for approval of the education administrative department . May be leading the school to master enough provisions .
The headmaster on the meeting ,and he came back ,bureau of education and school to study, to find a reasonable solution .A deputy director ,County Education Bureau will urge Changyuan to a standardized management system ,for those students to return to school ,the headmaster back to make decisions .
The industry meet the parents students communication needs ,the school should also provide convenience for Changyuan one in practice ,many education industry said ,more extreme .Zhengzhou one in church and state department director Yuan said ,if students use the mobile phone has influenced others ,can be targeted in criticism ,so killed a stick ,are not appropriate .
In Zhengzhou foreign language school moral education department director Yuan Yanlei view, Naga Gakichi starting point is good ,but do not work the way ,there is only one purpose ,let the student receive a good education .
Obviously ,the use of mobile phone is expelled from the system did not obtain the students and their parents do not understand ,communicate ,students will generate resentment ,the results can only run counter to one .
For the students to use mobile phone management ,Yuan Yanlei thinks ,parents and schools not only to communicate ,but also through the subject class meeting ,the students do well in education .
At the same time ,the school should also dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased ,in order to meet the needs of students and parents need to facilitate communication . Zhengzhou foreign language school does not allow students to bring mobile phone ,if found ,will be temporarily confiscated and transmitting parent class .
Schools in the teaching area ,living area ,dormitory floor mounted a lot of IC card or 201telephone,convenient for students to communicate with the outside world .To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hotspot recently held in Chuxiong China ,2012international Camelliaconference and the Eighth China Fair Camellia Camellia public bidding activities in the award-winning ,expert assessment for the 500000 yuan day priceYunnan tea pile king shoes with higher prices and abortion ,other ginseng selling Camellia most also because no one should prices failed to clinch a deal .
It is understood ,to participate in the bidding activities of Camellia are in 2012 international Camelliaconference and the Eighth China Expo awards Camellia camellia .The hexagon Zisha cultivation shoes ,fan-shaped miniature gardening plant height of about 80 cm ,width of about 70 cm,is the Kunming District of Yunnan source town leather camp home flower soup with white camellia trees grafted Zaikun pile Yunnan luxury camellias shoes ,after nearly five years of time .
Tang Zaikun quotes price 300000 yuan ,but experts believe the pots shoes not only have no equal in this world ,and modeling ,maintenance ,Louboutin,and evaluation for the price of 500000 yuan .But in the public bid in the activity, with higher prices and no income .
Xiao Yongxian is Xiao Tengchong county garden responsible person ,in the bid 10 pots oftea flower, he had three pots .One of the POTS line diameter 4 cmmodel which the price 15000 yuan ,for the highest bidder buyers only 8000 yuan offailed transactions ;the other isolates obtained from Camellia bonsai tree stump award ,the price 48000 yuan too Camellia pile king also because nobody take that and for abortion .
The bid while three pots of ginseng buy Camellia failed to clinch a deal ,but benefited ,learned a lot of Camellia breeding and advanced technology ,back we want to bring the technology ,make us better development of camellia .
Xiao Yongxian says .Participate in the bidding activities of 10 camellia,is in the camellia assembly awards .One of the most intense bidding a camellia Camellia is a beautiful park boutique to provide turtle ,the conference obtained Camellia Camellia variety Award ,the camellia is starting to 2600 yuan ,4600 yuan to finallybe go .
In the bidding scene ,some onlookers thought to participate in bidding price higher than the market price ,most of them ,the high price of 500000 yuan ,is suspected of speculation .Kunming City, a camellia enterprises Mister Mr Cheung told reporters :this basin which although type beautiful, fine varieties, in the market also does not see more ,but the price has deviated from the actual value ,and therefore no tip is the inevitable outcome .
In my judgement ,the strains of shoes market price is 50000 yuan .Mr. Zhang said .Reporter Sun Ya correspondent Bai Bin Li Jintao ( Kunming Daily News ) was founded in Yunnan flower Standardization Technique Committee of the reporter Yin Lei Bai Bin correspondent reported recently ,a reporter from the Yunnan provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau understanding arrives ,Yunnan province flower standardization technology committee recently won the award was established .
In 2011, Yunnan flower planting area and output respectively reached 700300 acres and 26681000000 yuan of fresh cut flowers ,total output and export volume amounted to respectively 6503000000and$171000000 ,respectively over the same period increased 7.
49% and 13.39% ,for 18 consecutive years to maintain the first .But the province industry due to its late start ,low starting point ,louboutin pas cher,also has the unreasonable industrial structure ,manufacturing technology is backward ,poor product quality ,lack of market competitiveness of enterprises and products ,a lot of problems that solve urgently .
flower in Yunnan province Standardization Technical Committee is to accelerate industry of Yunnan province flowers from quantitative dilate model to quality benefit change is an important sign .
Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision standardization department deputy director Wang Zhun said ,Yunnan province flower Standardization Technical Committee will be set up in the optimization of the industrial structure ,improve product quality ,Louboutin Shoes,normative market action ,promote foreign trade and other aspects will play a positive role, to promote complete province flowers industry to last fast health coordinates development to have the important practical significance .
It is understood ,in order to better promote the standardization work ,Yunnan province has established including the Yunnan Province Forestry Standardization Technical Committee ,the provincial Standardization Technical Committee 12, flower in Yunnan province Standardization Technical Committee by the Yunnan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of flower is responsible for carrying out the work .
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But also the two one teachers' Day prevention on Dutch act

The first day back to work, get a bunch of what procedures, points to a table a chair to a number of key a computer to a telephone and a number.I see. Is the next row, who report to write a name a number.
I'm late step,Louboutin, and points to one of the 2223.What a pity!Watch TV this morning, a morning show host said: yesterday is the prevention of Dutch act on the world, then to say many Dutch act related to the topic.
Why prevention Dutch act day say these, so after a genius said?Probably because yesterday is teacher's day, all the media busy singing teacher,Louboutin Outlet, naturally no time to speak Dutch act thing.And the Dutch act seems not auspicious, estimated that they feel on the teachers' day say about some bad luck.
World prevention on Dutch act established in 2003, this was the first time I heard the propaganda.A few years ago this day may be too low to come, drowned in the teacher's day.Whatever.A teacher's day at least the teachers very happy, and a day to promote Dutch act to prevent, probably doesn't have any effect.
Like a day,louboutin, I never thought this day to promote smoking cessation can play a big role, as it was at a police day,louboutin pas cher, nanny day what.Do not forget that, no meaning.Well.Feel nothing, is said to be signs of depression,Christian Louboutin Outlet, will lead to a serious Dutch act.
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Listening eighteen pieces of ancient female beauty of sound

Just sitting on the bed in a daze ,suddenly heard a cicada roar ,from very faint squeaks caused a roar ... ... &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;cicadas is she want to voice one ,is said to have people flustered shortness of breath ,dysphoria ,and upside ,clenching of magic .
For me, is just the opposite .In this spectrum curve is similar to the 4k-8kHz strengthened the white noise in the voice, my heart but more static ,then thoughts as clouds on the horizon ,gorgeous drifting away .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;well, I admit ,Louboutin,in fact, the cicada real magic is hypnosis !Maybe it unique frequency range and the oscillation period and I in a frequency just can produce resonance ,so I almost fell asleep .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;sit and hear cicadas sound more secluded ,lying to send into the cloud shadow soul .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;sometimes love a person ,is the resonant frequency of the surge high and sweep forward effect .
Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States ,one named Xi Shi, is a Sha woman ,facial features is regular, noodles peach ,looks great .She was the river Sha ,clear river reflected her handsome figure, and make him look more beautiful ,at this time, the fish saw her reflection ,forgot to swim ,sank to the bottom of the river .
Since then, in the sinking fish generation, in the vicinity of spread .Three Han Xiandi minister Stuart Wang Yun Geisha Diaochan in garden or when ,suddenly the light breeze, a bright cloud covering the moon .
Then just Wang saw .Wang Yun touted his daughter grow how beautiful ,people will say, my daughter and the moon ,but the moon than ,quickly hid behind the clouds in ,therefore ,sable Chan also known as .
During the reign of emperor Hanyuan ,civil war, not quiet boundary .Han Yuandi tried to calm the north Xiongnu Chanyu ,Xuan Zhaojun and a marriage ,to protect the two never reconciled .
An invigorating autumn climate in a day ,Zhaojun said goodbye to their native land, set out to the north .Along the way,Louboutin Pas Cher, to honk ,tearing her heart; mournful feeling ,make her agitated mind .
She mounts ,plucking ,played a solemn farewell song .The geese flying south to hear the melodious tweedle ,see this beautiful woman riding on a horse ,forget the oscillating wings ,drop underground .
From now on, Zhaojun will have to wild goose and said .In Tang Dynasty ,there was a beautiful daughter named Yang Yuhuan ,who was selected into the palace .Yang Yuhuan palace ,miss home .One day, she comes to her garden ,see the blooming peony ,Chinese rose .
.. Think that he was in the house ,wasted youth ,sigh, to flower in full bloom said: ,flower !You one year and blooming time, when I only have one ?Make a pitiful plea ,she just a touch of flowers .
Petals immediately contraction ,leaves rolled up low .Which thought ,she touched is mimosa .Then ,by Deng saw .Gong E says ,Yang Yuhuan and spend more ,flowers are shy dixialetou . Shy flowers .
Emperor Liu Ao and his second queen Zhao Feiyan ,her coquettish beautiful dance ,wonderful ,and sister Zhao Hede with a Chao-yi ,by Emperor pet for nearly ten years, your inclination harem .
Zhao Feiyan beautiful appearance, light body and superior technique ,makes her in the harem of the concubines as Heli chickens .She performed a dance ,such as Nianhua fibrillation ,are like the wind lightly, the emperor is crazy .
Emperor for her dancing show held in the harem too liquid pool in Yingzhou high chaparral .Emperor Yuhuan strike beat ,Feng Sheng blown without accompaniment .Zhao Feiyan danced to wind sent from .
.A gust of wind, Zhao Feiyan nearly fell into the pool ,thanks to von I caught her skirt Securidaca thin cloud ,only narrowly .Emperor commanded ladies hand crystal plate,louboutin pas cher, make Feiyan disc song and dance entertainment ,Zhao Feiyan dancing, have no predecessors who have ,to Emperor bring new visual enjoyment ,Confederation of her more .
Background :Han Ban Gu ,ban Chao .Representative: writing history .Her words Huiban ,also known as Ji ,be erudite through paternal teaching and influence ,especially good at writing .Her father ban Biao is a contemporary writer, her I is often called into the palace ,the queen and the nobles of professor read history, Miya Nakataka teacher .
Her fourteen years with the county to Cao Shishu for his wife ,so people also put her called Cao everyone .Note: a sound in the romance of the Three Kingdoms aunt ,Cai Wenji life is only a passing ,her father Cai Yongdao is enjoy quite a reputation ,once so impressive debut .
But still do not understand why he stroked the corpse of Dong Zhuo crying .When Cai Wenji will be Hu man rob has not test ,handed down version is in her hu Disheng children by Cao Cao redemption ,because thinking in Hu to loved ones ,make Chinese eighteen beat the sound of sorrow .
This is a talented and ordinary woman is different .Common sad woman ,often resort to tears ,pearls falling into a jade plate ,freely ,a get out of hand ;Cai Wenji she didn ,she will be a familiar melody cavity nameless sad devoted to music ,from now on, her tears and sorrow was falling on people .
However ,later a few sighs ,tears for thousands of years before Cai Wenji and any tonic ?The Cai Wenji measure of life ,life will have a war female dignity and pride polished as thin as paper ,is that even the anger to cholestasis life .
Zhuo Wenjun :the wife of Sima Xiangru .Representative of digital Poetry: one after the other ,two phase suspension ,said it was just three or four months and five or six years ,who knows ,a letter bomb lyre ,no biography ,nine in front of the first Ten-li resting station break ,expect to see someone who never comes ,hundred thousands of ideas ,thoughts ,helpless to you complain .
Thousands and thousands of words does not say, because according to ten bar ,or climb to see the wild goose, August Mid-Autumn full moon is round ,seven moon incense candle, ask the heaven ,June days I feel everybody rocking fan .
May rain watering the flowers in the partial pomegranate fiery end ,April loquat yellow I want to mirror the mind .Sometimes hurriedly ,with the water transfer in March peach .Wandering zero ,the kite thread is broken in February ,alas !Lang Yalang ,would you come to my world for women for male .
Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru elope stories make known to every family ... Road to :Xie an niece ,Xu Yong only code for the man .Representative works: Climbing e e Dongyue high ,show pole red sky .
Rock intermediate virtual world ,lonely you to metaphysics .Non industrial complex of carpenter ,cloud to form a natural .Weather ,what then ? I repeated relocation .The house passed ,Yu ,can try out .
Empress Wu Zetian the Great China from ancient to modern times this is the only one female outstanding woman ,a very talent and wisdom be extremely cruel and merciless .In her again an appoint officials to heavy-handed rule her kingdom .
Li Tang ,instead ,her Dynasty number ( week ) .Wu Zetian was also a poet, Tang Dynasty and recorded a 58Songpoems ,for the temple festivals ,but also between the travel notes lyrical poems ,the mother wishful thinking poem: men have ,as a branch of King haggard .
Do not believe recently often tears, opened inspection take off .As the queen Wu Zetian ,is a strongman ,leaving a daughter man ,but as a woman, also have affection love, tenderness and water side ,to the visible .
Lari Xuan Zhaoxing Shangyuan poem: Ming Dynasty amusement Shangyuan ,known in primula .Stamen hair all night ,Mo to be blown .Shangguan Waner Shangguan :instrument granddaughter ,and the first women auxiliary .
Shangguan is he ,grandfather Shangguan instrument is Tang Taizong famous ,because both Wu Zetian and is killed ,when fashion in the swaddle of Shangguan with mother for a into the harem ,is the service with crime committed officer family ,be merciless cold and slave .
Difficulties in talent ,R with the palace female official literacy ,she fourteen years old by Wu Zetian summoned in person ,be profuse in praise of her wrote fluently ,will she stay ,as the number of documents to help work ,gradually in compiling the edict, ginseng is the memorial, slowly the sonata slips by her first look ,and add to sign Wu Zetian ,as long as the above number of a word when the world except Wu Zetian ,became the most power woman ,and she is only a girl of 19 years old .
Class Jieyu is a female, less talented ,Han Dynasty was made Jieyu ,sister Zhao Feiyan graces ,jealous of class Jieyu personality and learning, class time for fear of passing by Jieyu ,serve the queen mother in the Chang-xin palace ,fan should be the poem to Chang-xin palace, this little poem color clear ,feeling sad however ,whereas the performance of indirectness ,there is a kind of resentment but no anger bearing .
Zhen queen &nbsp ;&nbsp ;Cao Pi later became the emperor Chong Guo empress ,Guo Zhen queen after spoiled slander ,Zhen from out of favor ,despite empress identity does not talk,Louboutin Pas Cher, Tong from the uplink read in a wife toward her husband love to the extreme, without regrets affectionate cry ,poor after Zhen the last such is one of Cao Pi death to make paper .
Even after the death of the body to the cladding ,with bran plug insult and abuse ... ... Huaruifuren :first Bangladesh Changai princess ,after being recruited into the palace of Zhao Kuangyin .
Representative works: the country after the death of death poem Song Shu ,only ten thousand troops ,and one hundred and forty thousand soldiers of Shu almost without a fight, huaruifuren with Meng Chang exile northbound ,overnight Jia adorable station ,about losing country and home sorrow ,in the wall of the song problem picking mulberries ,because the army ride hurry ,only half empty ,but a teardrop for every word .
Hou Furen Suiti during the reign of wide build high-rise ,and bring the world of beauty thousands in the mi-lou claustrophobia ,Mrs. Hou is the thousands of life never seen Suiti maid ,Mrs.
Hou finally hang oneself ,a beautiful and talented woman ,so white died ,only left a few poems chanting the meaning of an elegant poem ,let later generations to read for any noir .
Tang Wan :Lu You cousin and his wife .Representative: Phoenix hairpin world thin ,human evil ,flowers falling with the rain at dark .Xiaofeng stem ,tears a residual ,meaning mind ,inclined to speak .
Difficult ,hard ,difficult !Go each our ways !Gone are our days .My sick soul groans like ropes of swing which sways .The sound of the trumpet, cold ,night sometime, being asked ,pharyngeal cheat grabber .
Conceal ,hide ,conceal !Xue Tao :the Tang Dynasty poet, said the girls book .With the famous poet Yuan Zhen and long time ,good strength .Representative works: Indus Poetry ( at the age of eight as :a ) at ancient Tong ,shrug the stem into the clouds ;the north and south branches birds ,wind leaf send contacts .
Zhu Shuzhen :the famous song dynasty poetess, who are well-known ,Louboutin Outlet,good poetry ,of course selected .Masterpiece : a set handed down on the .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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